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How do I verify my email?
How do I verify my email?
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We require all users to verify their email address before being able to log in to their dashboard. This is to prevent spam and abuse of the system.

Once you sign up, the email associated with your account will receive an email from us. This will contain a verification link. Just click that link and it will take you to a page that verifies you. Once verified you'll receive a success message and can close the window. Return to the previous page and click the "continue when verified" button to go to your dashboard.

If your verification is not successful, this means either you have already verified using that link, or the link has expired. In that case, return to and login.

If your email is verified, you will be taken to the dashboard. If the link has expired, you will be taken to the verification page. There will be a link to send a new verification email.

Note: This is an automated system and we can't manually verify you. You must follow the above process.

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